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Lincoln County Economic Development Corporation

Limon Housing Project

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Citizens' Institute on Rural Design™

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Thanks to all Community Members that made this a success!


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Creating a Grand Plan

  • Following the development of the Comprehensive Plan Update and the Citizens’ Institute on Rural Designä (CIRD), a large group of statewide grant funders asked Limon to prepare a “Grand Plan” of projects for which they could consider providing funding.
  • The “Grand Plan” must be ready for presentation to this statewide grant funders group by June so the timeline is short.
  • These statewide grant funders could be significant financial resources to the table but the community must demonstrate its financial commitment to these projects.


  • This offer could be a ONCE IN A LIFETIME Opportunity!
  • Help create the Grand Plan… What could be included in that Plan? Help develop a potential project listing... React to potential revenue sources… input on the organization and uses of potential new local revenues.
  • Grand plan could address priority construction projects, economic development and community development needs, local non-profit needs, and maintenance of operation for new projects and operations. What else needs to be a priority?
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