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Town of Limon Land Development Code

2014 Land Development Code

Click above to download in its entirety.

Land Development Code Index

Click above to download just the Table of Contents.

100.    General Provisions

101. Title

102. Short Title

103. Authority

104. Jurisdiction

105. Intent

106. Effective Date

107. Relationship to Existing Ordinances

108. Relationship to Comprehensive Plan

     108.1. Requirement for Comprehensive Plan Amendment

     108.2. Criteria for Evaluating Amendment Proposals

109. Application ? No Use or Sale except in Conformity with Ordinance

110. Fees

111. Severability

112. Computation of Time

113. Miscellaneous

114. Basic Definitions and Interpretations

115. Enforcement and Review

     115.1. Complaints Regarding Violations

     115.2. Persons Liable

     115.3. Procedures Upon Discovery of Violations

     115.4. Penalties and Remedies for Violations

     115.5. Permit Revocation

     115.6. Judicial Review

200.    Zoning 

201. General Provisions

     201.1. Uniformity of Regulations

     201.2. Conflict with Other Provisions of Law

     201.3. Conflict with Private Covenants or Deeds

     201.4. One Principal Building to a Lot

     201.5. Permitted Height Exceptions

202. Zone Districts

     202.1. General

     202.2. Use Categories

     202.3. Zone District Descriptions

203. Zoning Amendments (Rezonings)

     203.1. Initiation of Amendments

     203.2. Planning Commission Consideration

     203.3. Notice of Hearing Required

     203.4. Town Board Action on Amendments

     203.5. Protests to Zoning District Changes

     203.6. Vesting

     203.7. Submittal Requirements

204. Zoning Map

     204.1. Official Zoning Map

     204.2. Interpretations of the Zoning Map

     204.3. Amendments to Official Zoning Map

205. Board of Adjustment Appeals, Variances, Interpretations of Activities 

     Administered by Staff

     205.1. Appeals

     205.2. Variances

    205.4. Map Interpretations

     205.5. Requests to be Heard Expeditiously

     205.6. Burden of Proof in Appeals and Variances

     205.7. Board of Adjustment Action on Appeals

206. Nonconforming Situations

     206.1. Definitions

     206.2. Continuation of Nonconforming Situations and Completion
                 of Nonconforming Projects

     206.3. Undeveloped Nonconforming Lots

     206.4. Extension or Enlargement of Nonconforming Situations

     206.5. Repair, Maintenance and Reconstruction

     206.6. Change in Use of Property Where a Nonconforming Situation Exists

     206.7.  Discontinuation and Termination of Nonconforming Situation

     206.8. Completion of Nonconforming Projects

208  Medical Marijuana

     208.1   Findings

     208.2   Definitions

     208.3   Medical Marijuana Centers, Optional Premises Cultivation Operations, and Medical Marijuana-Infused
                  Products Manufacturers' Licenses Prohibited.

     208.4   Penalties for Violation

300.    Subdivision 

301. Pre-application Conference

302. Filing Deadlines and Applications

303. Sketch Plan

     303.1. Purpose

     303.2. Review Procedure

304. Preliminary Plan

     304.1. Purpose

     304.2. Review Procedure

305. Final Plat

     305.1. Purpose

     305.2. Review Procedure

306. Utility Requirements

     306.1. Drainage and Storm Sewers

     306.3. Water Facilities

     306.4. Wastewater Facilities

     306.5. Other Utilities

307. Development Agreements

     307.1. Subdivision Improvements Agreements

     307.2. Bulk Land Subdivision Agreements

     307.3. Annexation Agreements

     307.4. Cost Recovery Agreements

     307.5. Recovery Cost Agreement Content

308. Concurrent Filing for Preliminary and Final Plans

309. Minor Subdivision.

     309.1. Application

     309.2. Minor Plat Process

     309.3. Review by the Planning Commission

     309.4. Appeal

     309.5. Review by the Town Board

310. Staff Review Applications

     310.1. Purpose

     310.2. Review Procedure

311. Public Notice Requirement

312. Limitations on Approval

313. Submittal Requirements

314. Dedications Required

     314.1. General Policy

     314.2. Public Dedications to the Town of Limon

     314.3. Commercial and Industrial (or other nonresidential) Subdivisions

     314.4. Residential Subdivisions

     314.5. Special Conditions for Dedicated Public Purpose Lands

     314.6. Recreational Facilities and Open Space

     314.7. Flexibility in Administration Authorized

     314.8. Streets, Roads, Pathways, and Easements

400.    Site Plans

401. When Required

402. Submittal Requirements

403. Site Plan/Architectural Review Criteria

404. Accessory Buildings

500.    Supplementary Development Standards and Regulations

501. Manufactured and Mobile Home Standards

     501.1. Manufactured Homes on Individual Legal Platted Lots or Parcels

     501.2. Mobile Home Parks

     501.3. Mobile Home Subdivisions

502. Commercial and Industrial Use Performance Standards

     502.1. Glare and Heat

     502.2. Vibration

     502.3. Light

     502.4. Smoke

     502.5. Odors

     502.6. Noise

     502.7. Fugitive Dust

     502.8. Electromagnetic, Electrical Interference

     502.9. Industrial and Commercial Wastes

503. Home Occupations

504. Renting of Rooms

505. Fences, Hedges and Walls

     505.1. General Provisions

     505.2. Barbed Wire Fences Along Public Streets Prohibited

     505.3. Removal of Fences Required Upon Notice

     505.4. Removal by Town

506. Off-Street Parking and Loading

     506.1. Off-Street Parking Spaces Required

     506.2. Off-street Loading Areas

507. Streets and Sidewalks

     507.1. Street Plan

     507.2. Street Classification

     507.3. Access to Lots

     507.4. Access to Arterial Streets

     507.5. Entrances to Streets

     507.6. Coordination with Surrounding Streets

     507.7. Relationship of Streets to Topography

     507.8. Wheelchair Ramps

     507.9. Street Names

     507.10. Sidewalks

     507.11.Blocks and Lots

508. Fire Hydrants

509. Sites for and Screening of Dumpsters

510. Public Improvements

511. Siting for and Screening of Dumpsters

512. Oil and Gas Facilities

     512.1. Purpose and Intent

     512.2. Administrative Approval Criteria

     513.3. Administrative Process

     512.4. Administrative Submittal Requirements

     512.5. Oil and Gas Operations Plan

     512.6. Notice of Application Requirements

     512.7. Approval/Denial of Administrative Use by Special Review

     512.8. Permits Required Prior to Commencement of Operations

     512.9. Appeal of Decision on Application for Administrative Use By Special Review

     512.10. MOU Provisions as Conditions of Approval

     512.11. Administrative Amendment

     512.12. Non-Administrative Approval Process

     512.13. Expiration of Approval

     512.14. COGCC and Town Approvals Required

     512.15. Violation and Enforcement

600.    Vested Rights

601. When Development Rights are Vested

     601.1. Definition of Site Specific Development Plan

     601.2. Notice and Hearing

     601.3. Approval-Conditions

602. Waiver or Forfeiture of Vested Rights

603. Duration

604. Subsequent Regulation Prohibited

605. Extension and Amendments

606. Other Provisions

     606.1. Other Requirements Remain

     606.2. Limitations

     606.3. Development Agreement

700.    Annexation

701. Purpose

702. Responsibilities

703. Eligibility for Annexation

704. Who May Petition for Annexation

705. Required Annexation Impact Reports

706. Required Dedications

707. Pre-Annexation Agreement

708. Annexation Agreement

709. Proposed Zoning

710. Standards for Annexation

711. Planning Commission Action

712. Town Board Action

713. General Development Plan


A1: Conditional Use Permit Submission Requirements

A2: Special Use Permit Submission Requirements

A3: Temporary Use Permit Submission Requirements

A4: Submittal Requirements for Planned Development District Amendments

A5: Final Planned Development: Plan Submittal Requirements

A6: Rezoning (Zoning Amendment) Submission Requirements

A7: Site Development Plan (SDP) Submission Requirements

A8: Submission Requirements for Subdivisions

A9: Site Plan Submittal Requirements
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