Community Challenges

Every community with vision also recognizes that there are challenges it must address and Limon is aware of its challenges and needs.

While the service economy with a reliance on transportation retail sales provides a unique small-town strength of economy, the community recognizes the need to diversify the economy by developing primary jobs. Unemployment, even in times of recession has not been a problem but in times of prosperity the community is aware of the need to recruit, grow and keep its labor force. While having some success in keeping and drawing a younger population, Limon recognizes the need to continue investment in primary jobs and housing to meet the challenge.

With jobs outgrowing the population growth, the community is challenged to develop a diverse housing stock required to draw workforce. Completed in 2019, the Housing Needs Assessment concluded, “Construction of new, high‐quality single‐family homes would be appealing to potential renters or buyers, as the market area has an extremely limited stock of newer properties, is experiencing modest growth and has a prominent renewable energy sector supporting demand for quality new construction housing.”  Housing Needs Assessment