Community Strengths

Limon is a unique small community due to its location. As described throughout this prospectus, its east central location at the Hub of five state and federal highways provides a significant benefit to potential investors. As a regional center, the location has proven to be attractive to investment by businesses serving the highway travelers: truck stops, hotels, c-stores, restaurants, etc.

As distribution of goods increases across the multi-state region, the location on the transportation system, including highway and rail, provides another strength. With federal regulation limiting hours of service for truck drivers and increasing congestion in the Front Range of Colorado, interest in distribution from Limon is growing. Goods can be distributed across Colorado, southern Wyoming, western Nebraska, western Kansas, the Texas Panhandle and northern New Mexico within the hours of service limitation.

Town and county governments are working together to provide the business-friendly environment that is attractive to business. While about an hour from Denver and Colorado Springs and the entertainment options available there, the local community hosts a variety of events and celebrations locally within Lincoln County including Prairie Music Festival, Limon Heritage Days, Music in the Park, and Hub City Car Classic. With a golf course, fishing pond, wetlands, trails and community building, combined with significant year-round recreation programs for adults and youth, there is plenty to do locally.

The community has health care options provided by serval different companies that includes family practice, walk-in clinics, specialty clinics, and ambulance services.

It is the Hub City of the Plains!