We have strong legacy farming and we're also active in the energy sector.

Agriculture & Energy

  • Natural Resources provide a growing economic base. 
  • The development of renewable power through wind farms is a new industry.
  • Limon’s farming and ranching base has long provided both the economic base and the open space surrounding Limon.
  • Farming and ranching continues to be a strong economic base but new industries are creating new opportunities and a different skyline.

Three wind farms in the region.

  • Cedar Point Wind Energy Project with 139 1.8mw turbines with a capacity of 250MW
  •  Limon Wind Energy Center I and II with 125 1.6MW turbines each, will be producing 400 MW of renewable energy.
  • Oil and gas production, while in its early stages of development, has grown with about 50 active well permits being developed.
  • The Limon region produces the basics: food, electricity and fuel for distribution around the world. 

We've got the energy and the know-how to make it happen!